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With the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. May the blessing of Allah (SWT) be upon the seal of Allah’s messengers, Muhammad (SAW), his companions, his household and all those who follow their teachings.


Verily, all praise is due to Allah (SWT), we praise Him and seek His aid and His forgiveness. We seek Allah’s refuge from evils of ourselves and evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah (SWT) guides, none can misguide and whoever is misguided, none can guide. We bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah (SWT) alone, and bear witness that Muhammad (SAW) is His slave and His messenger.


O you brethren in Islam: Assalam alaykum warahmotullahi wa barakaatuhu



Zakaah linguistically means growth, blessing and purification (in Arabic) (Lisaan al- ‘Arab, 14/358). Theologically, zakaah is worshipping Allaah (SWT) by giving that which He has enjoined of different kinds of zakaah to those who are entitled to them (See Q9:60), according to the guidelines prescribed in sharee’ah.


Sadaqah comes from the word sidq (sincerity). Thus, it is a sign of sincerity of faith on the part of the person who gives it (Fath al-Qadeer, 2/399). Sadaqah means worshipping Allaah by giving money without that being made obligatory in sharee’ah. The word sadaqah is sometimes used to refer to non-obligatory zakaah.


Following the obligation and expectation of Islam for the well-off to give to the needy, we aim to collect and distribute wealth according to the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah. We also aim to positively impact our community through the following services.


Offered services, are:


Zakat dispensation

Charitable activities

Zakat calculations




Further, we welcome collaborations with third parties engaged in similar to attain common goals.


If interested in contributing financially or otherwise, we will be honoured to hear from you.


Please contact us at:




May Allah bless all those whose efforts; financial, moral, spiritual and otherwise, make a difference to the needy and less fortunate in the society.


Jazakh Allahu khayran


Ma’a Salam,


Nasirudeen Carew

On Behalf of the

Zakat & Sadaqah Committee

Nasfat Millwall Branch

July 2017





Asalat Venue: PENNACK HOUSE, Pennack Road Peckham SE15 6DD. Worship Time: 11am - 3:00pm

Postal address: NASFAT MILLWALL, 57 Medhurst Crescent Gravesend Kent DA12 4HU

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