Charity No: 1136405


Assalam alaykum waramotu Llahi wabarakatuhu


We are a  thriving community of yoruba muslims in the UK who congregate regularly to improve our spirituality. Our sessions are mainly prayer based  and we give thought provoking lectures. We have an amateur football club which is registered with the football association. Our sunday prayer sessions take place at the temporary student’s unionbuilding of Southbank university, and our friday tahajud sessions take place at the millwall stadium.


We have a membership strength of about 400 and we are registered as a charity in the united kingdom. Our parent body is based in nigeria. our branch has four major bodies of authority;


•   The board of trustees

•   The elders council

•   The mission board and

•   The executive council.


Our regular activities include


•   Teaching of arabic studies

•   Guest lectures

•   Special prayers

•   Family chat

•   In-house islamic lectures

•   Qur’anic reading

•   Tahajud (midnight prayers)

•   Celebration of islamic festivals

•   Charity dispensation (zakat/ zadakat)

•   Lectures on contemporary issues


The major project we have ahead of us is to have a mosque of our own. We welcome all donations that will enable us accomplish this mission, insha Aallah.


Women, youths  and children are well represented in this congregation, in addition to the men.

In addition to giving Islamic lectures, we aim to discuss contemporary issues which affect our members’ day-to-day situations, such as budgeting, entrepreneurship, housing, family life, civic duties, etc.


Some of the benefits of joining us are:

•   You share a fruitful spiritual experience with like minds

•   You increase your social network

•   Insha Allah your prayer routine will be guided

•   You become more educated spiritually and otherwise

•   You have a wider perspective about life and after life

•   You have the opportunity to get questions answered

•   And you have a general feel good factor in the weeks and months ahead.


Our members who have shown exemplary conduct are recognised and encouraged to continue in their laudable roles


As a welcome token, we aim to give out copies of the holy Quran and useful memorabilia to new members.

We have a basic set of ground rules to guide the conduct of  all members of the society.


We look forward to welcoming new members and promise a very inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting spiritual experience.


Asalat Venue: PENNACK HOUSE, Pennack Road Peckham SE15 6DD. Worship Time: 11am - 3:00pm

Postal address: NASFAT MILLWALL, 57 Medhurst Crescent Gravesend Kent DA12 4HU

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